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LSR three leaves roots fan and its series products which are developed and designed by the company all by it self, absorbs the technology essence of roots blowers made in home and abroad, changes the initial mechanism form, hence its contraction principle in a great extent eliminates the noise resource and pulse caused by the pressure variation which are existing in two leaves and three leaves type fans. A combined new type line is used to the impeller and its leak tightness is better than the traditional two leaves and three leaves type fans, so that leakage can be controlled effectively and the volume efficiency can be improved compared to the traditional machines. The intensity of components such as axis diameter and shell are strengthened for some of the fans and the pressure produced by the fans is increased, therefore it can satisfy the dem and of high pressure requested by the customers. In addition, a hermetically sealed three lobe roots blower developed and designed by the company all by itself which can realize no leakage for transported gas is the first time that cemented carbide mechanical seal is adopted. This kind of blower is widely used in transporting high hazardous gases such as gas, firedamp, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen gas and methyl chloride and it can ensure the relative safe in conveying process.

The making link for products is quite precise which can be expressed in each strictly controlled process, superior processing equipment, resin sand made casting and up-to-date detection means.

The product features of Jiteng brand LSR series low noise and high efficiency three leaves roots fans are: high efficiency and energy saving, high precision, low noise, long service life, compact structure, small volume, light weight and easy to use.

Jiteng brand LSR series low noise and high efficiency three leaves roots fans can be widely used in various national economy departments such as light industry, spinning trade, chemical industry, smelting, mine, plastic rubber (plastic), petroleum, food industry, steel, aquaculture, sewage treatment, and pneumatic conveying.

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